The story of Story Engine

Story Engine is a product by Swedish publisher KIT. It’s a content platform that empowers anyone who publishes content in social media.
And it started with a crazy idea.

Swedish social media publisher KIT started in 2015. We had the crazy idea that the audience truly deserved great, professionally created content in their social feeds. 

As publishers, it was no longer enough to sit around and wait for consumers to find the fantastic content we were creating – we needed to reach people with stories that were relevant to them, in the channels where they spent most of their time.

KIT started with a product-centric mindset - primarily the goal was to figure out how to create content with higher predictability – how would we know that a story would reach its full potential? 

But over time, we also realized that traditional publishing software did not suit the specific needs of socially centric communication strategy. 

These two things – making sure that everything you publish has the potential to succeed, and producing content with high productivity – has been at the core of what the KIT team does ever since. Three years later it is finally time to share the tools that we have built much of KIT's success on with the world. 

We call it Story Engine.

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