Social distribution has never been this easy

Let’s get this straight: in social your content will always be much more important than your distribution skills. But if content is king, distribution is still the queen. So we thought: why not use all the data we have and create a smart distribution calendar?

Recommending the best time

Since Story Engine has all the information and data associated to your job and all the similar jobs published before this, it can give you a precise recommendation on which time is the best to publish. Not only based on that type of job, but based on that exact job. All you need to do is drag and drop. Done.

Several accounts – one view

So you have to publish to several different accounts? Maybe even several different platforms? No problem. We collect all your accounts and all platforms in one great looking view.

This will give you an unmatched overview over your scheduled tasks, pending jobs, things to redistribute (yes, you should redistribute) and everything else.

Videos? Links? Anything goes!

You’ve heard that video is a great way to draw attention on social platforms? Well in Story Engine Distribution calendar it is as easy to distribute an article with a link post as adding a video to the post. Or just publish the video. Or just do whatever you want.

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