Tell better stories

New times require new tools. Story Engine, a unique content creation platform for social media, helps marketers tell great stories with effect.

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Everything in one place

Story Engine is a complete suite of tools for elevating your social media performance to the next level.

Save time and money

World class content data, combined with excellent tools will instantly ramp up your workflow and productivity.

Tell anything with a video

With Story Engine Video Studio you can tell every story with a professional looking video, within minutes.

Create social videos in minutes

Seriously, all it takes is a good idea. In a few minutes you will have a professional, custom-made video ready to use on your social platforms.

Dazzling video guaranteed

In Video Studio you work with great looking templates, which will ensure high-quality video throughout your organization.

Fully customized looks

You're never stuck with a look you don't like or the wrong font. In Video Studio you can customize everything.

Optimized for social

Create your videos in a few clicks and distribute it to your social platforms immediately.

Let data guide you to the best social content

We know it sounds like magic, and in a way it is: Story Engine gives you recommendations informed by data throughout the entire content process.

Social distribution made easy

Story Engine Distribution Calendar makes all your distribution exceptionally easy, and of course: you get recommendations for every job and every distribution item.

All reporting - in one place

Reporting has never been easier. In Story Engine you will get everything in one neat overview, saving you hours of tedious data patching from endless sources

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