Maximise your creativity with Story Engine – check out the massive update

October 21, 2018

Okay, so Story Engine Video Studio just became an even better tool. Check out all the cool updates!

Jonna Ekman

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It’s been just over six months since we launched Video Studio as a tool in Story Engine. Video Studio was an immediate success among many companies and organizations that had been looking for a tool that enables them to create dazzling videos in merely minutes.

The response we have received from our users has been fantastic, and most importantly, our users continuously feed us with new ideas on exciting features in the tool.

More power, more control

Therefore we are delighted to introduce a massive update of Story Engine Video Studio. The update gives all Story Engine users more power, more possibilities, more control, and enable them to be more creative than ever.

Check out all the new features!

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Jonna Ekman

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