A social content revolution

What if there was a tool that could give you recommendations on how you should tell every story to get the right effect? Based on unique content data?
Well. Welcome to Story Engine.

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The challenge

What makes social storytelling so complicated?


Lack of input data forces us to trust gut feeling, experience or just sheer luck when publishing in social.


Lack of the right tools makes the content process expensive and slow and causes low productivity.


Lack of data connections between social networks and your CMS makes it difficult, or impossible, to understand why a specific piece of content performed well.

The solution

How does Story Engine solve this?


A new way to measure content on variables that a content creator can influence allows us to help ensure the quality of the material before it’s produced. This leads to: Higher consumption (CTR etc) and lower distribution costs (CPC)

Leads to

  • Lower distribution costs (CPC)
  • Higher consumption (CTR etc)


Tool support which will create the most efficient workflow and increase productivity in all parts of the content process.

Leads to

  • Dramatically lowered costs for content production (ca 70%)


The whole content process in one platform - from the first idea to the last distribution post enables us to feed data from distribution to content creation.

Leads to

  • Consistently working with structured insights (which improves pretty much everything)

Story Engine - the innovations

Story Engine is based on two unique premises:


A new language to describe content

When content creators describe themselves as “data-driven” they are in fact, most often, describing post-hoc data analysis. Cause we all have that output data, don’t we?

But in the same time we know little to none about the content in itself. Why? Because there hasn’t been a language to describe “tonality”, “intent” or “context”. And to truly understand the output data, you need input data as well. So we invented that language: KIT Core, consisting of 17 new storytelling taxonomies and 145 terms.


A unique data-structure

Most content creators work on different platforms for different tasks. They use a CMS for content creation and publishing. Then they turn to another platform for distributing. And finally spend hours patching data together for reporting and insights.

In Story Engine we’ve put the whole content chain - from your first idea to your very last distribution post - on the same platform. This creates not only a great workflow, but is also the reason why Story Engine can give you precise recommendations on how to tell every story.

The story engine
recommendation process

Define your idea

Describe what type of story you want to tell by defining i. e. “nature”, “context” and “development”.

Define your commercial intent

To get the best recommendations from Story Engine you need to specify what you want to achieve with this story.

Get precise recommendations

By now Story Engine can browse through 43 billion combinations of data and give you the best prerequisites to create the right job for your story.

Feeding Story Engine with quality data

We feed Story Engine with insight from high volume, quality social publishers. These insights becomes best practices and recommendations for you.

The features

Ah yes, it’s also a CMS. And a distribution calendar. And a video studio. And a…


browse 43 billion combinations of data to hone your ideas

Content creation

a first class CMS to create mind-blowing articles


Need a campaign site? Create it with Story Engine


Reporting has never been easier, in Story Engine you will get everything in one neat overview.

Editorial decision

use unique content data and get precise recommendations on how you should tell your stories

Video Studio

with the Story Engine video editor you can create first class videos for social media within minutes

Publish and distribute

No need to switch platform for this. Publish to your Story Engine site and to your social platforms with a few clicks. Also, you will get recommendations on which time to is the best to publish for each job.

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